There´s A Wide Range Of Application For Our Products

Cleaning, care and protection of vehicles like forwarding agent trucks, cars, busses, rail vehicles, planes, ships…, or construction machines and work platforms

  • Cleaning of truck blankets
  • Bug removal
  • Chassis cleaning
  • Cleaning of aluminium
  • Wash port cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Equipment protection
  • Winter protection/protection against brines
  • Engine washing
  • Cleaning of construction work machines
  • Rust removal
  • Preparation for painting
  • Cleaning of silo tankers and tanker vehicles
  • Cattle transporter cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
  • Workshop floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of floor-washing machines
  • Oil stain removal

Cleaning, care and protection of industrial facilities and production sites

  • Cleaning of machinery and equipment
  • Cleaning of welding sets
  • Mechanical and manual floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of interior and outer walls, (clinker) brickwork, plastered walls, colour coating and PVC coating
  • (Stainless) steel rust removal, cleaning and care
  • Concrete cleaning and removal
  • Ribbed radiator cleaning
  • Aluminium processing
  • Removal of grease used during rolling processes
  • Cleaning of cobblestone and concrete surfaces
  • Cleaning of washing facilities and cleaning areas
  • Oil stain removal from interlocking paving and other floors
  • Protection of technology during work with aggressive substances like salt water
  • Floor sealing
  • Cleaning of high polish floors made from marble, granite and other natural stone
  • Interlocking paving cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Designed for spraying desinfectant, VAH listed

Cleaning, care and protection in agriculture and forestry

  • Cleaning of vehicles and devices
  • Cleaning of chainsaws and mowers
  • Cleaning of veal crates and milking parlours
  • Cleaning of stables, stable floors and troughs
  • Cleaning of irrigation systems
  • Feces, lime and rust removal
  • Machinery maintenance
  • Device protection (protection against salt, fertilizers, pesticides and other sprays)