GS 1002 Device Protection

Protects technology, engines, vehicles and devices against undesirable soiling and aggressive substances like brines, fertilizers and pesticides.

U.N. 007 Special Wheel Rim Cleaner

Detaches even extreme soiling from aluminium and steel whims thanks to a sophisticated recipe.

U.N. 1 Mild Rust Remover/Wheel Rim Cleaner

Comes with an excellent eco-friendly profile and is as such suitable for all sensitive metal parts and surfaces as well as for natural stone floors.

U.N. 3 Thorough Bug Remover

Quick and gentle removal of insect residues from windshields, paints and other surfaces.

U.N. 5 Revitalizing Car Shampoo

A mild, neutral foam concentrate with very good soil-carrying capacity which is especially suitable for the cleaning of vehicles by hand.

U.N. 5 NEW Car Shampoo With Beading Effect

High performance shampoo for the regular washing of vehicles by hand, conserves the vehicle surface after its use.

U.N. 101 Reliable Workshop Cleaner

Its excellent dirt dispersing capacity shows in all areas of (automotive) workshops, floors, tools, etc.

U.N. 111 Highly Effective Chassis Cleaner

This hydrofluoric acid cleaner easily removes grey bloom and inorganic soiling.

U.N. 112/6 Powerful Rust Remover

Removes heavy dirt from iron part, limescales from resistant surfaces- usually in one single work process.

U.N. 130/131 Steel Clear

Gentle removal of oxidation on aluminium, rust on (stainless) steel, dirt from floor tiles, for instance in sanitary facilities, etc.

U.N. 150/6 Economic Concrete Cleaner

Developped especially for the concrete processing industry, this cleaner meets all demands of concrete processing structures.

U.N. 200 Universal Kitchen Cleaner

Due to its extremely good fat and soot solving performance in e.g. smoking chambers and ovens this cleaner removes typical organic soiling.

U.N. 200 Strong Industrial Cleaner

Residual-free removal of oil, carbon deposit and organic substances from surfaces.

U.N. 200 Solvent-Free Ribbed Radiator Cleaner

Gently does away with typical organic soiling in the course of a purification bath.

U.N. 250 Plastic Cleaner

Reliably cleans all plastic areas in businesses and private households, in and on ships and boats, etc.

U.N. 400 NEW Multiply Deployable Surface Cleaner

Due to a special combination of modern raw materials this highly alkaline surface cleaner is a real all-rounder.

U.N. 402 Self-activating Facade and Tile Cleaner

This very strong hydrofluoric cleaner removes even decade old inorganic soiling.

U.N. 500 Highly Concentrated Car Conserver

Tears up the water film after use and conserves paints and chrome.

U.N. 505 Quickly Separating Surface Cleaner strong

Moderate, alkaline, multiply deployable cleaner which removes organic soiling.

U.N. 777 Outstanding Chrome Cleaner

This strongly acidic cleaning concentrate reliably removes even heavy bedding layer, cement, limescale or urinescale deposition.

U.N. 800 Glass Cleaner „Klarfix“

Multiply deployable product for the streak-free cleaning of windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces.

D1 to D3 Time And Cost Saving Dosing Systems

These metering units for liquid products allow a perfect use of cleaners.