U.N. 777 Outstanding Chrome Cleaner


  • astonishingly speedy cleaning process
  • easy application
  • largely neutralizes during the cleaning process
  • the used surfactants comply with the requirements of the Detergents Regulation, are therefore easily bio-degradable
  • doesn´t contain halogen compounds and heavy metals, is AOX-free


  • please, note this product is dangerous goods: processing instructions in the operating manual, the safety data sheet (SDB) must be strictly adhered to and protective clothes put on before use
  • always test surface´s tolerability upfront
  • use as concentrate for very dirty areas
  • dilute with water when cleaning is done regularly or when areas are not very dirty
  • evenly apply product bottom-up
  • apply with washing brush, then rinse off well, if available with HD device
  • carefully apply to non-ferrous metals and stainless steel to avoid change of surface, neutralize if necessary

Range Of Application:

  • chromed parts with small rust stains like bumpers or hubcaps, tiles in washing facilities and gantry car washers, milking parlours where lime and other mineral brown deposition (especially due to using well water) on walls, tiles, fences and technology), also water-side cleaning of heat exchangers

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