U.N. 402 Self-activating Facade and Tile Cleaner


  • very strong hydrofluoric acidic cleaner of facades and tiles, removes decade-old inorganic soiling
  • has corrosive effect on dirty and withered aluminium and black stainless steel
  • doesn´t contain halogen compounds and heavy metals, is AOX-free
  • when neutralized safe to inject it into biological sewage treatment plant
  • the used surfactants comply with the requirements of the Detergents Regulation, are therefore easily bio-degradable


  • please, note this product is dangerous goods: processing instructions in the operating manual, the safety data sheet (SDB) must be strictly adhered to and protective clothes put on before use
  • always test surface´s tolerability upfront
  • always apply bottom-up (wet-in-wet) and evenly to avoid streaks, if necessary use brush
  • pay attention to the direction of the wind when spraying product on, do not spray against the wind, also pay attention to mirrors, windshields, glass in general, people and vehicles within reach of the spray mist
  • apply in diluted form with suitable sprayer, only leave it on for a few seconds and rinse off entirely with high pressure or manually
  • when used for old weathered aluminium  you get a slightly foaming reaction, if necessary repeat the procedure until the desired cleaning result is obtained
  • use for new aluminium if the pickling process is wanted and desired for the later colouration
  • do not let product dry, potentially treat in small pieces
  • may not get on glass and mirrors
  • do not spray on hot areas, always rinse off thoroughly with water

Range Of Application:

  • cleaning of stone and clinker facades, hydrofluoric acid-resistant washing facility tiles, severely weather damaged aluminium parts like aluminium dumper trucks and raw aluminium paint pre-treatment

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