U.N. 400 NEW Multiply Deployable Surface Cleaner


  • fine foaming cleaning concentrate which possesses good oil-binding properties
  • outstanding dispersing qualities and a good dirt dispersing capacity lead to an extraordinary cleaning result- even with lowest concentration- and lower warehousing costs
  • the used surfactants comply with the requirements of the Detergents Regulation, are therefore easily bio-degradable
  • doesn´t contain halogen compounds and heavy metals, is AOX-free
  • has antistatic effect
  • pleasant smell


  • please, note this product is dangerous goods: processing instructions in the operating manual, the safety data sheet (SDB) must be strictly adhered to and protective clothes put on before use
  • apply in diluted with water form
  • can be applied manually with bucket and washing brush or with sprayer, foam gun, respectively an HD device
  • use dosing pump in automatic water water systems
  • do not use product in plain sun and don´t let it dry
  • cool heated areas with water before use
  • please, rinse with water sufficiently to fully remove all product residues

Range Of Application:

  • truck cleaning, cleaning of covers, exterior cleaning of cars with very high dilution, exterior cleaning of agricultural vehicles (including fodder, food and cattle trucks with excrement residues  and other organic soiling), exterior cleaning of driver cabs and truck bodies, engine washing (in case of heavy soiling, please, use U.N.200), removal of bugs, vehicle interior cleaning, cleaning of construction machinery, working platforms, floors, industrial machinery and plants

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