U.N. 250 Plastic Cleaner

Range Of Application:

  • cleaning of ribbed radiators and removal of gloss soot from aquiferous chimneys


  • highly alkaline product removes typical organic soiling
  • stable even at high heat, up to 95°C, not combustible
  • solvents-free
  • easy and quick application
  • works instantly
  • high dilution possible
  • does not result in stable emulsion
  • environmentally-friendly profile


  • please, note this product is dangerous goods: processing instructions in the operating manual, the safety data sheet (SDB) must be strictly adhered to and protective clothes put on before use
  • dissolution in dipping bath for ribbed radiators and other parts with long life (can be used 30 to 100 times)
  • cleaning result can continuously be monitored
  • apply as concentrate or in diluted form depending of the degree of soiling
  • perfect cleaning result restores the perfect performance of the machine
  • we recommend 2 rounds of the cleaning process with the concentrated products when cleaning aquiferous chimneys to restore the full heat transfer

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