U.N. 200 Strong Industrial Cleaner


  • highly alkaline basic cleaner with extremely good oil and soot dissolving behaviour
  • easily bio-degradable
  • doesn´t contain halogen compounds and heavy metals, is AOX-free


  • please, note this product is dangerous goods: processing instructions in the operating manual, the safety data sheet (SDB) must be strictly adhered to and protective clothes put on before use
  • always test surface´s tolerability upfront
  • spray on with dispenser, foam gun or injector, wait short while for it to be absorbed, make sure it doesn´t dry, rinse off with HD device
  • for manual processing use a brush and rinse off all residue with water
  • treat dirty parts in dipping bath, rinse off thoroughly afterwards

Range Of Application:

  • removal of oil, for example from combustion engines, in construction and the (shipping) industry, removal of mould oil from concrete trucks, removal of soot, resin and tar from grills, baking trays, exhaust system parts of combustion engines, removal of oil carbon from engine parts, of organic substances from surfaces, like animal excrements, food leftovers, green coat from veal crates and milk fat and excrements from milking parlours, removal of exhaust-side soiling, flushing of pipelines, basic cleaning before painting work

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