U.N. 1 Mild Rust Remover/Wheel Rim Cleaner


  • very easy to handle, impressive cleaning power
  • very eco-friendly profile, diemulsifying effect
  • made of renewable raw materials
  • almost pH-neutral, acid-free, slightly alkaline
  • does not produce dangerous gas
  • does not do damage to aluminium, copper, brass, (stainless) steel, other non-ferrous metals, natural stone floors and other delicate surfaces
  • not corrosive


  • spray on with a spray bottle, apply with a paintbrush or in a dipping bath
  • a change of colour
  • the progress of the cleaning process is displayed in a change of colour: after a few minutes the colour remains the same – the cleaning process is completed and the cleaner can be washed off or hosed off with high-pressure
  • in case of resilient stains support the cleaning process mechanically by using a brush

Range Of Application:

  • all delicate metal parts and surface areas of cars, ships, machinery, plants and other material which may not be treated with acid
  • mild removal of rust from stone floors like mirror polishd marble or granite
  • physical or biological waste water circuit system

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