GS 1002 Device Protection


  • creates a water proof protective coating with brilliant gloss and high filling capacity
  • no „wax“, no paint
  • dries quickly
  • when dried resistant to water and solvents like diesel and shampoo
  • can be removed without solvents, easily washes off with U.N.400 or U.N.505


  • easy application: spray on clean and dry areas without dilution and let it dry
  • then, clean the areas using just shampoo (don´t use alkaline products) or water (i.e. with high-pressure cleaner)
  • if needed evenly spray on U.N.505 or U.N.400 and then hose with high-pressure cleaner; ideally add cleaner through the injector while hosing. It´s important that you don´t take a break during the removal process!
  • seal the clean and dry areas with GS 1002 again the process can be repeated indefinitely

Range Of Application:

  • preservation of all parts in the engine space, of working platforms, vehicles and device used for winter road maintenance and farming, as well as of parts which are exposed to brines, also full preservation of vehicles before export

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